Pressure Sensitive Labels

Aquasol® Water Soluble Pressure Sensitive Labels provide the perfect solution for short term identification. Aquasol Water Soluble Labels adhere to most surfaces including stainless steel, aluminum, glass, wood, plastic and other surfaces.


The food & beverage industry has many applications for EPA Approved Aquasol Water Soluble Labels. Chefs can apply labels to food containers in commercial kitchens to show the day the food was prepared. When the container is empty or expired, it will be placed in a commercial dishwasher. The water soluble label will dissolve, without damage to the dishwasher parts or drain. Reusable containers such as beer kegs require critical information. However, after the containers are emptied and returned to the manufacturer, the information must be completely removed before re-use in production. Water soluble labels are easily removed, leaving no residue.

In-process labeling helps control inventory at various stages of the production process. If the sub-assembly labels need to be removed prior to sale, simply integrate a wash stage in the production process to remove the label.

Experiments require beakers, test tubes and other laboratory glassware to be temporarily labeled. After the testing is complete, the laboratory glassware is washed and re-used for other experiments. Aquasol Water Soluble Pressure Sensitive Labels are perfectly suitable for any laboratory application.

Benefits of Pressure Sensitive Labels

Traditional labeling systems can damage the surface during the removal process in addition to introducing caustic chemicals.

Aquasol Water Soluble Labels are removed nearly instantaneously with the introduction of water, leaving no sticky residue behind.

To remove the label, simply immerse in water, wait from 30 seconds to a minute. The time to dissolve will vary dependent upon water temperature and amount of agitation.
For environments that do not allow immersion, a water saturated cloth can be applied to the surface and gently wiped until the label “melts.”