Additional Applications

Suggested Applications:

form_sm.jpgVarious shapes can be die cut and formed into proprietary products. For the welding industry, Aquasol® has developed the patented yet practical EZ Purge® pre-formed, self-adhesive purge dam. Pre-sized to fit a variety of pipe schedules, Aquasol was able to engineer the world’s largest water soluble dam, 84 inches in height.

tag_sm.jpgTo satisfy quality control requirements, inspection of in-process and finished goods is often required. Goods that either meet or are rejected by quality control can easily be identified with Aquasol® Water Soluble Paper or Tape. The tags can later be removed after purchase or after necessary re-work has been completed.

kids_sm.jpgTest your accuracy with a water gun by using water soluble targets or test your memory with a game in which the clues disappear. With Aquasol Water Soluble Paper you can create a “one of a kind” amusement!

soap_sm.jpgSince Aquasol Water Soluble Paper can be printed on, design transfer is quick and easy. The design is run through a copier onto paper. The water soluble paper is then used as a template for painting, stamping, mosaic, landscape and tile design. Messages and images can be embedded inside clear glycerin soap for promotional items.