Paper Tubes and Cores

Water Soluble Paper Tubes and Cores Information:

EPA Approved, hollow, spiral wound paper tubes of many sizes can be custom designed with or without top and bottom closures for solid and dry application including:
• Powders
• Salts
• Sands
• Candle Wax
• Soaps, Detergents & Other Surfactants

yarn_sm.jpgKitchen and bath papers are typically wound around paperboard cores, exposing the cores to airborne pathogens. These paper cores can be made with Aquasol® Water Soluble Paper, placed in the sink or toilet and quickly discarded with the introduction of water. Paper Cores can be custom designed for your specific application including:
• Plastic Wrap
• Aluminum Foil
• Gift Wrap
• Notions (Thread & Yarn)
• Fabric
• Paper Towels

The maximum paper tube / core diameter is 6 inches (15.2 cm)
The maximum paper tube / core length is 6 feet (1.8 meters)