Confetti/Special Effects/Entertainment


conf_sm.jpgWater Soluble Confetti is the ultimate solution to creating an environmentally conscious celebration. Parade, concert, wedding and outdoor sporting event planners select water soluble confetti because it cleans up easy, leaving no residue or waste and does not pose a fire hazard.

The film, television and entertainment industries have always used special effects, particularly physical effects, to create illusions. Using materials which are recyclable or completely biodegradable and EPA Approved are important for production companies who wish to practice environmental responsibility.

heart_sm.jpgAquasol can design custom special effects in many colors, shapes and forms. From colorful leaves suspended above a pool of water for an acrobatic water show to a rigid heart which disappears in a lake, Aquasol Water Soluble Paper can be used to create unique props which “disappear” in the blink of an eye.