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Water Soluble Confetti is the ultimate solution to creating an environmentally conscious celebration. Parade, concert, wedding and outdoor sporting event planners select water soluble confetti because it cleans up easily, leaves no residue or waste, and does not pose a fire hazard.


The entertainment industry has always used physical special effects to create illusions. It is important for production companies that wish to practice environmental responsibility to use materials that are either recyclable or completely biodegradable and EPA-approved.

Special Effects

Aquasol can design custom special effects in many colors, shapes and forms. From colorful leaves suspended above a pool of water for an acrobatic water show to a rigid heart which disappears in a lake, Aquasol Water Soluble Paper can be used to create unique props which literally disappears in the blink of an eye.

Benefits of Water Soluble Confetti

Environmentally Sustainable

Aquasol Dissolvable Confetti is 100% biodegradable, there is no waste, nothing to dispose of or to recycle. It is eliminated completely naturally.

Saves Money

Regular confetti, lightweight and in small shapes, is difficult to sweep. Hours of cleaning confetti are eliminated by using Water Soluble Confetti that decomposes 100% naturally.


Aquasol Dissolvable Confetti can be custom designed to every shape, color, and form for whatever special effect is needed.


Where has Aquasol’s Water Soluble Confetti been used?

Our water soluble confetti has been featured all over the world. It’s been at events such as the London Olympics, New Year’s Eve celebrations, and even the Super Bowl!



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North Tonawanda, NY 14120 USA