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Water Soluble Pouches


Aquasol® Dissolvable Pouches (including sachets and envelopes) eliminate the need for direct handling of chemicals and dangerous agents in addition to delivering precise, pre-measured quantities. Several variations of water soluble paper, coated and laminated with composite materials, are available to make your custom sized heat sealable pouch.


With consumers demanding more concentrated formulations in less packaging, ordinary household and commercial detergents for the dishwasher and washing machine are perfectly suitable for pre-measured unit dose applications. Pouches can be printed to provide another opportunity for the detergent manufacturer to gain brand recognition. Convenient and safe, these pouches prevent overfilling of the detergent dispenser.

Fertilizers and Agrichemicals

Fertilizers are chemical compounds applied to soil to promote plant growth. Agrichemicals include a broad range of items that promote plant growth and prevent insect infestation. Chemicals such as pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and fungicides are often very toxic, posing danger if touched. Pouching these potentially harmful chemicals in EPA and CE approved Aquasol Water Soluble Paper enables the professional or hobbyist gardener to grow plants in a safer environment. Standard packaging can expose the fertilizers and agrichemicals to oxygen, resulting in degradation of the product.


Our Water Soluble Paper can be used to form water soluble seed packets to bury in soil or lay on top of fresh dirt. Simply add water and the pouch will fully dissolve, even if it’s buried beneath the surface.

Water Treatment

To minimize costs and risks, water treatment is used to optimize most water-based industrial processes, such as heating, cooling, processing, cleaning, and rinsing. Toxic materials including many organic materials, metals (zinc, silver, etc.) acids, alkalis, non-metallic elements (arsenic or selenium) are generally resistant to biological processes unless very dilute. Metals can often be precipitated out by changing the pH or by treatment with other chemicals. Aquasol® Water Soluble Pouches can be used to deliver the chemical mixtures deep within wells. Larger packages can be used to treat standing bodies of water in industrial parks and landfills as well as commercial and residential pools.

Plumbing Packets

Clogged drains are often caused by the gradual accumulation of organic matter, hair and grease on the inside walls of drain pipes. Typical clog removers are dangerous chemicals that can cause harm if in contact with eyes and hands. Aquasol Pouches can reduce the risks by encapsulating the dangerous chemicals into single use packets.

Bath Products

Bubble baths have never been easier to draw when soap, bath salts and crystals are contained in pre-measured packages that dissolve when dropped into water.

Portable Potty Cleaning, Deodorizing and Sanitizing

Aquasol® Water Soluble Pouches containing cleaning and deodorizing compounds can be pre-measured and simply tossed into the holding tank of portable potties. This quickly dispenses the compounds, deodorizing the air and cleaning the bowl.


Water soluble pouches are typically used in the medical field for easy introduction of solidifying agents (super absorbent polymers) into containers filled with bio-hazardous fluids such as blood and urine.

Other Applications

Pouches, sachets, bags and envelopes can be used for many other mechanical and industrial purposes. The possibilities are endless and can result in enormous efficiencies. Call our technical sales department to discuss the parameters of your application.

Benefits of Water Soluble Pouch Packaging

Exact Dosing

Since the pouches are pre-measured, there is no need to calculate quantities. The exact amount recommended is delivered every time.

Safer and Cleaner

When products are packaged in a granular form, splash and spill risks are eliminated. Consumers or workers are not exposed to harmful chemicals or need to worry about attending to spills and clean-up.

Prolong Shelf Life

Because ingredients and mixtures have little exposure to oxygen, the integrity of the product stays intact, prolonging shelf life.

Time Saving

The time-consuming measuring process is eliminated along with over/under dosing.

Save Money

No materials are wasted when you use pre-measured pouches. Labor is reduced.


Since Aquasol® Water Soluble Pouches are 100% biodegradable, there is no waste. It is simply eliminated naturally.


All pouches are custom designed to meet your specifications.

Printable & Colorable

Pouches can be printed with text, graphics and even color.



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